Premium Backdrops

Our premium sequin backdrops are not made using your typical cheap, transparent store bought materials. We source our premium handmade backdrops from the company that was the first to introduce sequin backdrops to the photography industry. They are SEEMLESS and have larger than normal matte paillette sequins that offer beautiful reflective capabilities. These backdrops are made specifically for photographers and used for a high end look. Compare them to photos taken using cheaper backdrops and the difference is huge! These premium backdrops make the backgrounds pop with light without over doing the reflections.

  • *NEW* Premium Fuschia Sequin Backdrop

  • *NEW* Premium Rose Gold Sequin Backdrop

  • *NEW* Premium Black Sequin Backdrop

  • Premium Gold Sequin Backdrop

  • Premium Silver Sequin Backdrop

  • Premium White Sequin Backdrop

  • Premium Plush Backdrop

  • Premium White Pillowcase

Basic Backdrops
  • Basic White Petal Backdrop

  • Basic Blue Petal Backdrop