Frequently Asked Questions


Are you planning a party or event, but have a bunch of questions on photo booth services? Look no further than our frequently asked questions page! We’ll help you out with everything you need to know about renting a photo booth for your next gathering. From how it works, to the benefits it offers, we’ve got you covered.


Quality. Service. Expertise.  These are the 3 things we excel at.

Whether you’re planning a small private event or a multi city activation tour, we’ve got you covered! Our experienced Kande team has successfully produced over 3,000 events in the last decade. We’ve provided photo booth services at celebrity events and weddings as well as at some of the largest tier 1 activations in the country. Brands, agencies and our private event clients trust us to deliver amazing results at every event.

We’re also always striving to be on top of new cutting edge of technology and photo/video trends. Whether it’s integrating AI or NFT technology, you can always count us to be able to provide the newest and coolest experiences. We’re often offering new services and features months before they’re seen elsewhere.

When you work with Kande, you can be assured that you’re hiring a team of seasoned event pros.  Over the last 3,000+ events that we’ve done, we’ve learned enough photo booth, camera, lighting, logistics, hardware and software knowledge to fill an encyclopedia!  There’s rarely an issue that we haven’t seen before or can’t fix in a timely fashion.  We’ve developed checklists and processes/procedures that minimize any potential event issues.

To ensure each event is successful, we deploy a 2 team system to ensure everything runs smoothly.  Our onsite event teams are supported remotely by our technical teams which oversee every aspect of the events.

The assigned set up area should be sheltered and on a flat surface. 

Standard Photo Booth (GIF, Green Screen, Glam, Boomerang, AI Photo Booth, NFT Booth, Face Morph): 8x8ft space

360 Booth: 10x10ft space

Vogue Booth: 12x8ft space

AI Sketchbot: 8x4ft space + client provided 6ft table

Photo Mosaic: 10x10ft space

Kande Station: 8x8ft space

Roaming Photo Booth/Photographer: N/A

We were founded in the San Francisco Bay Area, but now also have teams in LA, Las Vegas, San Diego, NYC and can travel nationwide.  We also have partners in other major cities.

SF Bay Area: Our main operating area is anywhere from Napa Valley/Sonoma all the way down to San Jose.

Your photo booth service time is separate from the load In/setup time.  Load in/setup time is included in the pricing of your photo booth rental!  Tear down typically takes about 30-45 mins directly after your service time ends.

Ex. If you booked our photo booth for 3 hours from 5-8pm, we’ll arrive 2 hours prior at 3pm for load in.

For private events:  We’ll typically plan to arrive about 2 hours directly prior to your service start time.  If you need us to arrive earlier, we can definitely do that but we’ll need to add some idle time fees.

For activations:  Depending on the experience booked, we’ll generally include up to 3 hours of setup/load in time directly prior to your service start time.  Prior day load in and day after load outs are also an option.

Most of our photo booths require a 110V, 15A, 3 prong dedicated circuit within 15ft of the setup location.  This means we can’t share power with anyone else (DJs, food service, lighting, etc.).

Yes, we offer custom photo templates along with a plethora of other branding options!  We have a catalog of photo templates you can choose from where we can customize the text, add logos, designs, etc.  Once you book with us, we’ll send you a design form to fill out which will ask you for design direction as well as any logos or custom copy you’d like to include.

Activations: We can brand: photo templates, custom animations, microsites, email/text message sharing copy, print custom backdrops/enclosures, vinyl booth wraps, etc.

Sure, send us an email with who you’d like to be named as additionally insured and we’ll have our insurance agent make those edits for you.

If you require a waiver or subrogation or primary designation, those will be an additional fee.

For our standard 4x6in or 2x6in photo strips, it takes our onsite printer about 9-11 seconds to print out a copy.

We don’t allow guests to sign into their social media accounts directly from our platform to share their digital photos/videos b/c most guests don’t remember their username and password.  If everyone at the event tried to log in, it would cause huge bottlenecks.

The way we have set things up is for guests to email/text message themselves the digital versions from our platform.  Then when they get it on their phones, they can share directly to their social accounts that way since they’re most likely already logged in on their own devices.


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