180 Multi-Camera Array

Our 180 Photo Booth also known as the Multi-Cam Array is our newest and most unique booth! This is the same technology that has been showcased at the Emmy’s and Super Bowl. Our base Array system has 7 high resolution cameras setup in a row that all take photo at the same time, which our software then stitches together to create the crowd pleasing videos you see below. Our modular system can be increased to 120 cameras to create a full 360 degree rotation!

This output is also known as bullet time, time slice, 180 photo booth, or Matrix effect. Guests can incorporate all sorts of crazy jumps or poses and add in confetti for amazingly fun shots. This is our top recommendation when you’re looking for the newest head turning attention grabbing experience for an activation or private event.

  • 180 ARRAY
  • 180 ARRAY
    The digital videos are immediately rendered and can be shared instantly to social media, email or text via our social sharing kiosks.
    We have 3 different types of custom branding available! Ask us!
    Our custom built software and hardware produce the smoothest array outputs on the market!
    Want prints also? The photo from the middle camera can be used to print out a keepsake for guests
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