The assigned set up area should be sheltered and on a flat surface. 

Standard Photo Booth (GIF, Green Screen, Glam, Boomerang, AI Photo Booth, NFT Booth, Face Morph): 8x8ft space

360 Booth: 10x10ft space

Vogue Booth: 12x8ft space

AI Sketchbot: 8x4ft space + client provided 6ft table

Photo Mosaic: 10x10ft space

Kande Station: 8x8ft space

Roaming Photo Booth/Photographer: N/A

The photo booth requires a 110V, 15 amps, 3 prong outlet for a reliable power source within 20 feet (along a wall) of the set up area. The circuit must be free of all other connected loads.  We cannot be on the same circuit as DJs, food service, refrigerators, etc.

For Kande Photo Booths to provide web-based social sharing and online integration, Client must provide the following: (a) Minimum of 15Mbps download speed and 15Mbps upload speed (b) Access to a non-captive portal (i) hardline internet connection OR (ii) a wifi internet connection.  If Client is unable to provide the above-listed items, Kande Photo Booths cannot guarantee social sharing or online integration in real time at the event.  If no internet is provided by the Client, Kande Photo Booths will attempt to utilize backup 4G LTE internet solution to provide web-based social sharing and online integration.  Kande Photo Booths cannot guarantee internet connectivity of backup 4G LTE.

Email COI requests directly to your account manager.

Waiver of Subrogation and Primary designations will incur additional fees.

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