Corporate Events.

 Our LED Glowing photo booths were design to stand out and make a big impact.  Whether you are planning a party for customers, clients, or co-workers, having a Kande photo booth at your event will ensure that it’s a hit.  We’ll help you design custom branded backdrops, booth wraps and photo strips to promote and market your company.

















Choose from one of our existing packages   1442038978_right  1442038557_photo-camera

or let us design a fully customized package for you.



Corporate Events And Commercial Branding Services:


Data Capture and Analytics:  Need to collect emails?  We’ll collect them from anyone at the event that uses the email feature of our social media kiosk.  We can tell you how many people liked, shared, or downloaded the photos from your event.

Custom Branded Photo Overlays: We can either work with your marketing design team or help you create a custom branded photo overlay.  Include hashtags, logos, words, icons, watermarks, etc.

LCD Slideshow Module: Having a marketing event and want to draw more people into the booth?  Have our wireless slideshow module to show off all the amazing branded photos or gifs taken by the booth.

Social Media Sharing Kiosks: Every photo taken by the photo booth will immediately show up on our networked social media kiosks for your guests to upload and share to their: Email, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts.  Real time sharing, tagging, and commenting will entice potential customers to find out more information about your brand.

Custom Designed Touchscreen Welcome Screen: Each time a guest steps in front of the booth, the first thing they will see on our touchscreen is your custom welcome screen.  We can add your logos, artwork, hashtags, etc.

Customized Vinyl Wrap: Cover the photo booth with your logo or graphics to promote your brand.

Customized Vinyl Backdrop: Your company logo can be showcased in the background of all the pics that your guests take during the event.

Customized Printout Designs: Choose from over 200 of our professionally designed templates.  Select 2×6 or 4×6 photo strips that guests will be able to take home with them.  Add logos, QR codes, coupon codes, graphics, photos, and/or hashtags to the designs.

Brand Hashtag Printing: Our photo booth software can track your event’s designated hashtag on Instagram and Twitter and immediately print photos for your attendees to keep.  We can even apply your custom branded overlay to all the pics!

Online Photo Gallery: All event photos (individual photos & photo strips) will be stored on our site for your event attendees.

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