180 Multi-Cam Array+
The 180 Multi-Cam Array+ is our brand new top end feature! We're bringing you the same technology that was at to the Emmy Awards and Super Bowl in a smaller more compact system. Our Array+ has 7 cameras setup in a row that take photos in sequence within milliseconds of each other. This creates a bullet time Matrix effect where guests can jump or throw confetti up and look like their frozen in time. In addition to having the freeze frame effect, there's a side to side panning motion which creates stunning outputs that are perfect for any brand activation or private event.
    The digital videos are immediately rendered and can be shared instantly to social media, email or text via our social sharing kiosks.
    We have 3 different types of custom branding available! Ask us!
    Our custom built software and hardware produce the smoothest array outputs on the market!
    Want prints also? The photo from the middle camera can be used to print out a keepsake for guests